So much has changed since the pandemic began last March. There has been so much sadness and stress, but there has also been a large reconnection of families and a new way of life. Families that once were to busy for more than a text now remember the importance of dinner with their loved ones. Things like jigsaw puzzles and board games have had a huge resurgence, bringing people back from their technological bubbles and into reality for a few extra moments. This new normal may be strange to some, but it really has brought around a better, more fun way of life for many.

The 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzles have arrived!


The quarantine forced us all into a slower paced life and with the vaccine rolling out it appears that we have a new appreciation for our loved ones. From walks around the neighborhood to socially distanced barbeques, we all have seemingly come to remember that we don’t need to sweat the small stuff and that the small stuff is actually worth enjoying.

 Source: A Better Normal By Amy JoyceEllen McCarthy and Washington Post Staff