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The Slonim Law attorneys are focused on Elder Law (Probate, Guardianship, Estate Planning & Medicaid Planning) in Brevard county (Melbourne, Viera, and Palm Bay) and Osceola county. We can also assist you with your general Contract Law matters. We take pride in working closely with our clients to ensure that they obtain the best representation for the value. Helping people is our job. Preserving our client’s rights and interests is our focus.

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Elder Law

Areas of Practice

Elder law consists of the several areas of practice including the Florida Probate Administration (Formal, Summary, and Ancillary) of an estate; Guardianship of an incapacitated person or minor; Trust and Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts; and Advance Directives such as Powers of Attorney, Health Care Surrogates, Living Wills, and Pre-need Guardianship Declarations), Medicaid Planning, and Contract Law.

Estate Planning Melbourne FL

Trust & Estate Planning

You don’t need an “estate” to have an estate plan. The attorneys at Slonim Law, we prefer to think of it as LIFE planning, as it’s more important to have a plan in place if you or a a loved one is incapacitated. This time in a person’s life is not the time to start figuring out who can pay the bills, file or defend a lawsuit, or a variety of other daily legal, financial, and medical factors. Have the estate planning lawyers create a Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate, Living Will, and Pre-Need Guardianship Declaration when you don’t need them, so your loved won’t stress when you need them most.

Probate is a court-supervised process for identifying and gathering the decedent's assets, paying taxes, claims and expenses and distributing assets to beneficiaries. The Florida Probate Code is found in Chapters 731 through 735 of the Florida Statutes.


Probate is a court-supervised process for identifying and gathering the decedent’s assets, paying taxes, claims and expenses and distributing assets to beneficiaries. The probate attorneys at Slonim Law turn probate administration into a process you can understand. Probate is simply the process of following the instructions set forth in the Florida Statutes, if there’s no Last Will and Testament, or if there is a Will, then the instructions set forth in the Will. The three typical types of administration are Formal, Summary, and Ancillary.

Medicaid Planning Attorney

Medicaid Planning

Through Medicaid planning, the attorneys at Slonim Law can assist families in addressing the needs of long term care. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents end up exhausting their assets on long-term care. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether it’s crisis planning or creating an exhaustive “what if” plan and executing it, you can rest easy knowing the assets you or your loved ones have worked their whole lives for, can be properly safeguarded.

Guardianship Law Attorney


A guardian is someone appointed by the court to oversee and manage a person legal, financial, and/or medical affairs.

A guardian is usually appointed because the Ward is incapable of managing themselves, either through incapacity or age (minors).

Remember, this removes a person’s Constitutional Rights. It is the MOST restrictive means possible of caring for someone. Contact the guardianship attorneys at Slonim Law to learn more.

Digital Asset Estate Management

Digital Estate Management

Dealing with as loved one’s physical assets after death is hard enough, but then having to manage the closure or change of that person’s Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, and other accounts can only add to the stress of the process. We can help our clients close such accounts and ensure that the deceased’s data is safely removed from the online world, thereby preventing unwanted identity theft or other malicious actions.

Coast to Coast

We are able to attend to the areas of Estate Planning, Probate law, Guardianship law, Contract Matters and Medicaid Planning needs of clients coast to coast, from Florida to California. David Slonim is available to help clients throughout Florida, including Melbourne, Tampa, Orlando, Ocala, Jacksonville, Daytona, Miami, and Palm Beach. We are also proud to work with Adam Slonim, a family estate planning attorney in San Diego, California.

      Notable News

      • guardianship

      Slonim Law Explains Guardianship and the Britney Spears Conservatorship

      July 7th, 2021|

      Guardianships are in the news again, and this time the spotlight falls off the silver screen and into the pop scene. Yes, we are talking about Britney Spears. Britney Spears is a household name and now so is her conservatorship, also known as a guardianship. Britney Spears has been under a conservatorship since 2008 with her father as her guardian. What we all need to remember is that, “conservatorships are often used for people who have a severe cognitive impairment. Often those people are older, such as those with severe dementia. Guardianships are also appointed for people with significant developmental disabilities”. Britney’s guardianship (as we will refer to it as) is extremely uncommon. “Usually it’s not an individual who is young, who is working, who is very successful in their field — because that suggests a level of capability that wouldn’t meet the standard for legal incapacity,” Leslie Salzman says.

      “It seems quite unusual that you would have a person who was capable of going out and doing all the kinds of professional activities she was doing, who is found to be totally incapable of managing either her personal or property affairs. There have been significant reforms to guardianship laws in recent decades. One such reform is the principle that guardianship should only extend to those areas of the person’s functioning that they cannot manage on their own. “It’s supposed to be a narrowly tailored order, and the court is always supposed to use […]

      • digital assets

      David Slonim’s Take on Digital Assets – The Navigator

      July 6th, 2021|

      David’s Take on Digital Assets (a peak into our monthly newsletter, the Navigator. Check it out here!)

      Are you paying attention to your Digital Assets?

      Everyone is familiar with their bank accounts, IRAs, 401k, and so many more assets that should have beneficiary designations to ensure these assets transfer smoothly after death. But who has thought about the digital assets that are trending up in popularity these days, like Venmo, PayPal, Robin Hood, to name a few. These apps are likely to hold some amount of actual funds, but have no way to determine a beneficiary. Bitcoin and its ilk are in the same spot. As an account holder, you need to be aware that such assets will require a probate of your estate to transferred after you pass away. Lest you think that someone can log in and just transfer the funds, these “apps” assets are backed by regulated companies and making that transfer after death would violate several federal and state laws. It is likely that these companies would also be notified by the Social Security Administration of your death within a week (usually) and the account may be frozen until a probate is initiated. When working with your attorney, be sure to mention having these types of accounts.

      Aside from financial accounts, other online accounts (collectively, digital assets) are vital for your family to be aware of […]

      • digital estate

      Slonim Law Strongly Suggests Digital Estate Planning. Here’s Why.

      June 25th, 2021|

      Source: What is Digital Estate Planning by Michelle Huhnke of Financial Poise 

      Pass Down Digital Assets, Including Cryptocurrency and Family Memories, Through Your Estate Plan

      What happens to your digital assets at death? Who can access your online data when you are incapacitated? Digital estate planning allows you to protect your online accounts, digital currencies, photos and other properties stored digitally.

      The law makes it possible for you to design and control your digital estate plan, and to give consent to an executor to access your digital assets.

      Traditional Estate Administration Is Changing

      When conducting estate administration, the first task must be to marshal the deceased’s assets.

      To “marshal the assets” means to:

      • Identify all of the decedent’s assets
      • Protect them
      • Retitle them in the name of the estate

      For years, I counseled family members about the estate of a loved one. I advised them to collect all of the mail for one or two months.

      We used account statements and correspondence to confirm we knew all of the deceased person’s assets and accounts. Back then, we looked also at income tax returns to find the sources of his or her income.

      That’s all changed.

      Much or most of our financial information is now kept on the cloud, a hard drive or a smartphone (not in a filing cabinet). When a person dies, marshaling his or her assets takes place in the digital world.

      Our digital assets extend well beyond the financial. The content of our social lives is online. When […]