Not all guardians are good or so we think due to the media. Netflix’s new movie “I Care a Lot” is bringing attention to the extreme side of a terrible guardians and a spotlight that the field hasn’t seen before. We have to remember that this movie is fiction, not reality. Of course there are terrible people out there but that with a few small actions we can protect ourselves.

The below cited article gives some great advice.

  1. Designate a representative payee. This person is in charge of receiving and disbursing benefits. This is done to protect social security benefits.
  2. Have a solid plan and agent under power of attorney. Find someone you trust as if guardianship issues arise, normally this existing relationship is not affected and will hold priority.
  3. Have a trust. Guardianships will not ordinarily affect trusts.
  4. Designate a professional to manage your affairs.

The point is simple, surround yourself with people you trust and take all the necessary legal steps you can to protect yourself and your assets. Bad people are out there and no matter what stage of life we are in, we must protect ourselves.


Source: PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM A GUARDIAN by H. Amos Goodall, Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA)