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New Year New Chapter in Life
As we embark into the new year of 2022, we turn another page and begin a new chapter in our lives. Many of us will be setting one or more New Year’s resolutions.
Sadly, most of these well-intentioned declarations will be abandoned quickly. The fact that you have a desire to make some sort of change indicates that you do want to improve something in your life. Your future is something that you should improve, if not for yourself, then for your loved ones.
Slonim Law will advise and organize the plans you have for the future of your legacy. Put your trust in the firm that will bring the highest level of legal expertise and integrity for your foresight, and let us surpass your expectations. Slonim law stands ready as a compass to guide you towards your goals.
Our Company Values
  • Be respectful of each other, clients, and colleagues
  • Be empathetic to those around us and our clients
  • Always seek to build, earn, and maintain a meaningful trust relationship with others
  • Excellence in all that we do
  • Be curious
David’s puppy Samwise enjoying the sunset
Have you added your digital assets to your estate plan?
What are digital assets?
Did You Know?
At Slonim Law we charge $30.00 to e-record your deeds. Why? Price varies by county and the first two pages are usually $18.50. The next fee is the Submission Fee which is $10.00. So, in our $30.00 Deed Recording Fee we include that additional page and the taxes they add on at the end.
But why bring it up?
We are mentioning this because other local firms charge upwards of $75.00 (!) for this same task. Here at Slonim Law we don’t believe in up charging you to make a quick buck. Your $30.00 recording fee is for just that. Recording your deed.
Being transparent is simple. If you have a question about any of our fees feel free to ask! We are here to help.
SOAK: Guardianship, Guardianship Advocacy, Trusts and Ad Litem Workshop
Suntree Business Center

01/26/22 6:00pm – 01/26/22 8:00pm

David Slonim will educate families on the various options for Guardianship, Guardianship Advocacy, Trusts, etc.
I’ll be there!
I can’t make it
Get Notarized Here!
Here at Slonim Law we have multiple staff members who are notaries. They are available to notarize documents in the office or even remotely when applicable. We do recommend that you give us a quick call in advance so that we can ensure a staff notary is available for you but same day services are most certainly available. If you have an active matter with us there are no charges or fees for notary services. If you are not an active client then normal notary fees wil apply. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us!
Wickham Park Senior Center Presentation
Wickham Park Senior Center

01/28/22 2:00am – 01/28/22 4:00pm

David Slonim will speak on all things Elder Law. From Life Planning to Medicaid, Estate Planning documents and More! This is a free event.
I’ll be there!
I can’t make it
Why Slonim Law?
Life is ever evolving like the phases of the moon. We grow and learn and share our experiences with friends and those we love. Sometime we are at our best and other times we are in need of help.
When something significant transpires, we reach out and call for help. Although family is there to assist, you always want to make your own decisions about your future. This can be enigmatic, since life is a wild ride and we do not control it. The one thing we can do to harness some level of control in our lives is preparing for the future.
Preparing for the future is vital for taking care of yourself and loved ones. We at Slonim Law are your compass, here to guide you through the unknown. We are experts in our field of law and can guide you towards your raison d’etre (reason for being). Slonim Law can develop plans for you and your assets, all while providing you peace of mind and confidentiality.
Our experts understand how important it is to provide you with the faultless service, that’s why we meticulously review your wishes for the future. Entrust us to advice and prepare for your future plans so you can travel on your journey like the sands of time. You will have the confidence to enjoy the journey of life knowing that Slonim Law has alleviated you of all the uncertainty and perplexity of life planning.
-written for Slonim Law by Christopher Semiramis
We’re changing The Navigator
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