Below you will find some Initial Consultation Preparation Tips from Slonim Law. Each matter has its own requirements and the less time we spend on filling out paperwork, the more time can spend meeting your needs. Please feel free to look over each list and use them as a rough guide as to what you will need for your initial consultation with us. Remember, before every appointment we will send  you a list of exactly what you will need. This list will give you a place to start and hopefully help to ease any worries you may have regarding your matter and those involved.



Estate Planning:

  • General outline of their assets (Bank accounts, investments, real estate, life insurance)
  • Old estate documents (if applicable)
  • Social Security numbers of any minor children (and themselves/significant others)
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers for anyone that they want to name in their documents
  • Need more help? On our website you will find the Reading Room. This section of our site offers multiple forms used during the estate planning process. Feel free to check these documents out and get started preparing for your consultation today.

Medicaid/VA :

  • Identification (driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate, Medicare card)
  • Current banking and securities statements (to estimate assets such as checking/savings, annuities, IRAs, etc)
  • List of incomes (retirement, pension, social security, etc.)
  • Most recent Social Security award letter
  • Current bill statements for property taxes, mortgage, HOA fees
  • DD-214 discharge papers (VA only)
  • Physician information for applicant
  • Estate documents


  • Original Will
  • Death Certificate
  • Description and value of assets (property, bank accounts, life insurance, etc)
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers for parents, spouse, children and grandchildren of decedent
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers for persons listed as Personal Representative in the will

Guardianship Consultation Needs:

  • Name, date of birth and social security number for incapacitated person (or minor)
  • Physician information for incapacitated person
  • Nature of need for Guardianship (emergency?)/need for consultation

Quit Claim Deed Consultation Needs:

  • Name of Parties
  • Marital Status
  • Property Address
  • County of Property
  • Is this a Transfer to Power of Attorney? If Yes, you will need a copy of Power of Attorney and Letter of Incapacity available

Having a consultation with Slonim Law is a great start to a new plan. We are here, willing and ready to assist you with whatever Elder Law needs you may have. We look forward to meeting with you soon. Also, do not forget! Our consultations can be done via telephone conference, zoom conference or in one of our three offices (Melbourne, Kissimmee and soon Clearwater!). Simply let us know your preferred option.