We all know who Amazon’s Alexa is. She’s the voice assistant who can tell you the weather, remind you of doctor’s appointments, and even order groceries for you online. Alexa now can do one even better. Amazon has said for years their customers have been asking for Alexa to assist in monitoring their loved ones. Customers have asked and now they have received. Amazon has introduced a new feature doing just that, on Wednesday, November 18th. The new feature is called Care Hub, it is designed to make people caring for their aging loved ones easier. The Care Hub feature allows customers to link their Alexa devices to their loved ones. This isn’t a means of spying on them, it allows them to get alerts and review their relative’s activity feed such as lights being used in their home to make sure they are doing well. The best part is the emergency contact feature, the loved one could simply say, “Alexa, call for help.” and it will send an immediate push notification to the caregiver. During these times of Covid-19, most seniors are wanting to stay in their own homes, so Amazon’s goal is to give the caregiver peace of mind and make it easier to check in on their loved one.