The polls are jumping, yet again.

According to the University of Michigan’s study, last fall, nearly half of older adults were indecisive regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. Now the same poll shows that 71% of those aged within their 50s through 70s are ready to get vaccinated and on with their lives. Many have even already received their first dose of the vaccine. There has been a huge jump in accessibility of the vaccine as well as education on COVID-19, the vaccine and how it affects those above the age of 50. The study states that, “The percentage of all respondents who were most enthusiastic about vaccination – those who said they were ‘very likely’ to get the vaccine – jumped 20 percentage points, from 33% in October to 53% in January”. It appears that many are over the “wait and see” attitude and are ready to move forward in this new world.

Michigan Medicine – University of Michigan Big shift seen in high-risk older adults’ attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccination