EPISODE 3 -David Slonim sits down for an interview with Pamela Furr of Puzzle Box Academy.

Resources Mention in Episode:
Birth to Three (VA, WV, DC and Maryland)
Puzzle Box Academy: admissions@puzzleboxacadmey.com or info@puzzleboxacademy.com
Kaleidoscope Interventions: info@thepiecefits.com
Cristi M. Salinas, PsyD: Director and Clinical Neuropsychologist

EPISODE 4 -David Slonim sits down for an interview with Terry Matson.
Terry is a Transition Resource Teacher and Student Services Program Support for Brevard Public Schools.

Resources Mentioned in Episode:
(APD) (med-waiver)

EPISODE 5 -David Slonim sits down with Jennifer Helin. Jennifer is the owner of Seniors Helping Seniors.

Resources mentioned in the episode:
Aging Matters (Grab bars/Ramps)
Brevard County Triad (Project Lifesaver)