Planning for Your Upcoming Appointment

The forms below must be completed and returned to Slonim Law before the day of your appointment. Failure to do so will result in your appointment being rescheduled.

Estate Forms

Information and Items needed for Estate Planning

  • General outline of assets (Bank accounts, Investments, Real Estate, Life Insurance)
  • Old estate documents (if applicable)
  • Social Security Numbers of any of your minor children being discussed
  • Full contact information (name, address, phone number, and email) of any person being named in any document
  • Please consider before your meeting how you would like to distribute your assets (including, but not limited to your tangible, financial, real property, and digital) by Will, Trust, or directed beneficiary designations
  • It would be appreciated if you could please email us a copy of your driver’s license as well.

Probate Forms

Information and Items needed for Probate

  • Original Will
  • Death Certificate (If you have a copy)
  • Description and value of assets (property, bank accounts, life insurance, etc.)
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers for parents, spouse, children, and grandchildren of decedent

Guardianship Forms

Information and Items needed for Guardianship

  • Name, DOB, and SSN for incapacitated person (or minor)
  • Physician information for incapacitated person
  • Nature of need for Guardianship (emergency?)

Medicaid Forms

Information and Items needed for Medicaid Planning

  • Identification (License, SS card, Birth Certificate, Medicare Card)
  • Current banking and securities statements (to estimate assets such as checking/savings, annuities, IRAs, etc.)
  • List of incomes (retirement, pension, SS, etc.)
  • Most recent Social Security award letter
  • Current bill statements for property taxes, mortgage, HOA fees
  • DD-214 discharge papers (VA only)
  • Physician information for the applicant
  • Estate documents