Vaccination is the topic on everyone’s minds these days and we are finally starting to see results. Numbers of new cases within nursing homes are going down by the day and it is starting to seem like we are closer to leaving the grips of the pandemic.

The article gives great proof of the decline of COVID-19 for nursing home staffers and residents. The article states that, “after the rollout of covid vaccines, the number of new covid cases among nursing home staff members fell 83% — from 28,802 for the week ending Dec. 20 to 4,764 for the week ending Feb. 14, (data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)”. The article also points out more general facts regarding infections and states that, “New covid-19 infections among nursing home residents fell even more steeply, by 89%, in that period, compared with 58% in the general public, (CMS and Johns Hopkins University data)”. As any new cases force nursing homes into lockdown, it is clear to see why staffers and nurses are seeking to be vaccinated. Doing so prevents the spread of COVID-19 and also helps prevent the dreaded lockdowns at the facilities for quarantine.

Many facilities are not mandating the vaccines, but they are pushing for staff to get them and giving them the opportunity to do so. Those that have mandated the vaccine have only missed the 100% mark due to those opting out due to religious or medical exemption. Overall, “The nursing home industry has set a goal of having 75% of staff members vaccinated nationwide by the end of June”. Its a hefty goal, but one that could bring some normalcy back to our own, everyday lives.

SOURCE: By Melissa Bailey and Shoshana Dubnow — Covid Cases Plummet 83% Among Nursing Home Staffers Despite Vaccine Hesitancy