• Attorney
    1. Provide proficient and timely legal representation to clients of the Firm
      1. accomplish this by supervising legal staff; delegating tasks to staff efficiently; maintain communication with clients;
      2. Continuously develop & expand legal knowledge through research and legal education;
      3. Understanding of matter management software (Action Step)
    2. Billing & Fees
      1. Ensure clients execute an attorney/client agreement (DocuSign); determine hourly/flat fee for client or legal plan coverage; establish flat fee rate with clients in accordance with Firm price sheet
      2. Ensure collection of fees for the Firm
      3. Ensure legal plan coverage is sufficient for requested services


  • Estate Planning
  1. Counseling individuals/families
  2. Preparing Last Wills, various trust types, and Advance Directives.
  3. Review documents prepared by paralegal


  • Guardianship
  1. Counseling regarding legal capacity and implementation of advice
  1. Advising how capacity is determined and the level of capacity of an individual
  2. Guardian Advocacy for the developmentally disabled
  3. Guardian of a minor
  4. Courtroom litigation experience representing those who are or may be subject to guardianship or conservatorship proceedings or other protective agreements
  1. Review documents prepared by paralegal (pleadings, orders, etc.)


  • Medicaid
  1. Advising, planning and assisting in obtaining public benefits, for Florida Medicaid programs for seniors.
  2. Review documents prepared by paralegal (application, QIT, etc.)


  • Probate and Trust Administration
  1. Advising and determining actions related to probate and trust administration
  1. Formal, summary, and ancillary administration, both testate and

Intestate, and trust administration

  1. Understanding of jurisdictional procedures related to the administrations
  2. Understanding of issues related to elective share
  3. Understanding of issues related to homestead
  4. Understanding of distribution of assets
  5. Understanding of payment of obligations
  6. Review documents prepared by paralegal (LOAs, inventories, pleadings)


  1. Real Estate
  1. effectively assist clients
  1. Negotiating, drafting and reviewing real estate contracts
  2. Drafting documents affecting real estate such as deeds, mortgages, and easements
  3. Foreclosures and alternatives
  4. Leases and evictions/ejectments
  5. Quiet title actions
  6. Construction liens
  7. Condominium and homeowner’s association liens and disputes
  8. Tax certificates
  9. Partitions
  10. Homestead Issues
  11. Boundary Issues
  12. Non-Disclosure and Fraud


  • Time keeping
    1. Record daily tasks
  1. Record file note in AS client matter
  2. Create time entry and check billable box if applicable

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